Updated WANTS

Shiny Noctowl TOMY
Im looking for this item for almost a month. It is my main want and grail. Im looking to give $15 - $50 or ill look at an offer that someone will give me.
my offer $15-$50 max. $100

Shiny Noctowl Pin

I dont how much this costs.
my offer $5 - $20
Shiny Noctowl Metal Swing

I dont know how much this one costs too.
my offer $5 - $20

Shiny Magikarp TOMY

Im looking for this guy for about 1 year. I would give $20 - $140
my offer $20 - $140

Thank you for looking! :)

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firstly i would want any of these 3 (mostly suicune and raikou) its to hard to use Celga or SMJ for me so what i mean is if somebody on the communtity has one of these and want to sell i would really appreciate it cause i really want one of them!

second is clear lucario tomy

shiny pokemon charms (for a resonable price)

one of these 3 pokedolls (mostly want raikou)

last but not least shadow lugia pokedoll!